Sales Analysis (PBSA)

PBSA uses the power of Microsoft SQL Server to transform your report selections directly into Structured Query Language, the standard of DBMS (Data Base Management Systems). Created with Sybase PowerBuilder©, PBSA is an industrial strength software program that uses Microsoft SQL Server. PBSA is an integral part of maximizing the benefits of route computerization.

PBSA is designed for rapid retrieval of your queries. Its power harnesses the dual-core processor speed of today’s PC’s. Data is stored at the invoice level enabling comparison between any two-time periods at a time.


Reports are freeform. You choose your own parameters and data ranges. You pick whether you wish to compare two periods (comparison), one time period (range), create monthly reports (User Defined) or create Graphs. You can save your reports to recall them later.

Product Definitions

Your products or item codes have five levels of characteristics. You can select combinations of these levels for detailed analysis.


The report breaks and filters may be changed by the user. "Distribution Groups" could be changed to "Channels".

What you will be able to do

Sales Analysis Flow Chart

Sales Analysis Main Menu

PBSA has very flexible reporting features that allow you to look at your records in several different ways.

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Better Analysis=Better Decision Making

You have the ability to compare two time periods for any route, customer, customer demographic, product, package and brand. Most anything possible with the SQL language is possible with PROFITBUILDER.

Imagine the usefulness for sales reporting and sales forecasting.

The reports you create may be immediately copied to Microsoft Excel© for further analysis and reporting.