Route salespeople enter presell orders and invoices at the point of sale. Each order or invoice is priced accurately with all discounts applied. Discounts may be performance based. Product can be sold by multiple units of measure including case or each. Discounts are by cents off or percentage of either line item or invoice total.

Introduction to MobilePDQ Powerpoint

Designed for Business 

MobilePDQ Windows Embedded software is designed for Business- Sales, Inventory tracking and Surveys. MobilePDQ controls the available radios avoiding contention and lowering costs by using Wi-Fi or Ethernet in the warehouse instead of the WWAN radio from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

Follows Business Rules

Management decides whether the salesperson can change prices or discounts or oversell the truck. Product may be sold be case or returned by each.

The customer routebook and resell previous invoice function are tools that reduce time at each stop.  Sales history provides a choice of sales order history or delivery history by item code.

MobilePDQ tracks inventory not only on the truck but at the customer’s location.  The inventory audit function lists all movement of inventory from load to sale to unload.

MobilePDQ includes accounts receivable collection, surveys, post void invoices, order request, inventory transfers, truck counting and sales tools. Sales tools include a profit calculator and routebook editor. The salesperson may sort the routebook by customer.


MobilePDQ supports Bluetooth printers from Datamax/O'Neil, Intermec and Zebra.

Signature Capture 

The customer's signature is the Proof-of-Delivery.

Barcode Scanning 

Salesperson efficiency is improved by scanning barcodes instead of entering codes manually.


End of day settlement includes route reconciliation which compares beginning inventory with ending inventory. The employee must have either cash or accounts receivable equal to the invoices and is responsible for inventory variances.


Short learning curve

Follows business logic

Bluetooth Printing

Signature Capture

Print  Invoices  and Reports

Email PDF of Invoice

Track Vehicle and Customer Inventory

HMS middleware provides complete control over the MobilePDQ application and features

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•Customer Route Sequencing
•Multiple Distribution Methods
•Designed for Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
•Error-Free Data Synch with Microsoft IIS and SQL Server
•Theft and Shrinkage Prevention


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