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This software app is for Direct Store Delivery, a wholesale distribution method where products are delivered by the wholesaler to the location (retailer) that consumers purchase the product.

MobilePDQ syncs sales and inventory transactions with Intuit QuickBooks desktop versions including Enterprise. Cloud solutions are available.

MobilePDQ is used for presell, delivery or hybrid (both) sales methods. Vehicle inventory is tracked to identify shrinkage. MobilePDQ supports the Zebra RW and ZQ line of printers for printing inventory, order, invoice and settlement transactions.

How Do I?....

Initial Screen

Presell vs. Delivery Menu

Scroll down for Functions and Features


Functions Features
Inventory "Roll Over" Previous Load from prior period
Starting Load sync from Host System
Add Inventory (password controlled)
Cut Good Inventory
Mark Damaged Inventory
Displays truck stock in invoicing
Sales Select Customer from Sequence or List
Prior products sold are displayed on the Order/Invoice (routebook)
Barcode Scanner

Change Price or Discount with password
Contract Pricing (Price Level)
Sales, Buybacks (Returns), Damaged Returns
Cash, Check, Charge, Credit Card Payment
Load Request
Product to be added to next periods load
End of Day Settlement List of orders, invoices
Cash Collection Report
Roll Inventory or Offload
Route Reconciliation
Inventory Reports Add, Cut, Damaged Inventory Transactions
Starting Loads
Current Inventory
Current Damaged Inventory
EOD Inventory
Inventory Variance
Sales Reports Orders
Unsent/Sent Orders

Unsent/Sent Invoices
Reprint Invoices
Daily Invoice Summary
Collections Report

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