Handheld Management System

HMS UploadHMS software translates information from your accounting system to the handheld computers on the sales routes. This data includes customer and product information used to determine specific contracts and promotion allowances by customer or customer groups (chains). Microsoft SQL Server is used on the host system and the Windows Embedded computers.

HMS also provides for daily sales, inventory, route reconciliation, communications logs and other reports useful for route accounting.

Inventory Management System

Handheld with barcode scannerIMS has three functions: Graphical truck bay loading, receiving & forecasting and variance tracking. Variance tracking enables identification of shrinkage or theft transaction by transaction.


Windows Mobile LogoIndustrial handheld computers from Honeywell, Zebra provide barcode scanning, Bluetooth and WWAN support (cell phone). MobilePDQ controls the available radios avoiding contention and lowering costs by using Wi-Fi or Ethernet in the warehouse instead of the WWAN radio from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

Create presold orders, print invoices, collect Accounts Receivable, conduct surveys, track inventory, review information and daily transactions, end day and final route reconciliation are the primary features of MobilePDQ.

Data Concepts Software for Distributors

"Out of the box" interfaces are available for Intuit QuickBooks, Sage MAS Designed for Windows Embedded90/200/2000, Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics-GP.

DSD Route Sales Software

MobilePDQ (PDQ) is the comprehensive Windows Embedded (Windows Mobile) handheld computer application for wholesale distribution.

The Handheld Management System (HMS) is the "middleware" or "gateway" between the host accounting software and the handheld computers providing seamless data integration, filtering, and interface.

The Inventory Management System (IMS) is an optional "plug-in" to HMS providing extensive inventory features including graphical truck loading, product receiving, forecasting and detailed inventory location auditing.

Sales Analysis (PBSA) creates queries "on the fly" extracting information from the Microsoft SQL Server database for extensive sales reporting and analysis with user-defined criteria.

Sales Analysis

DCI Sales AnalysisSales Analysis stores sales transactions to provide drill-down reports on sales by customer demographics and product code definitions.


Click here for more information about MobilePDFInvoices created today in the field can be in the customer's inbox tonight. The information from the sales transaction is formatted into a PDF file looking identical to the original invoice. The signature captured by the handheld is included in the PDF file. MobilePDF is an essential requirement when invoices are printed on thermal paper which fade over time.