Accelerate Sales in Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Solve core business problems operating your route sales and delivery operation. Take orders quickly & accurately, while updating your host system in the background. MobilePDQ is your delivery solution including inventory control,  signature capture, barcode scanning, DEX, national accounting and more.


Mobile Presell and Delivery Route Sales

AT&T Certified Mobile SolutionCertified by AT&T and Microsoft, Data Concepts' MobilePDQ software for route sales improves efficiency and enforces your business rules at the point of sale. Rugged handheld computers with the Windows Embedded operating system (including the Motorola MC67, Intermec CN51 and CN70) are built for years of trouble-free use. Features include barcode scanning, Wi-Fi, WWAN, signature capture and superior durability.

Inventory Tracking and Barcode Scanning

Using handheld to take inventoryEvery transaction is recorded from the warehouse to the vehicle using handheld computers until the truck is manually counted which determines if the route is over or short. Rugged mobile computers with barcode scanners enhance productivity and reduce shrinkage. The Intermec CK71 mobile computer has a near-far scanner option for enhanced warehouse efficiency.

Sales Analysis/Reporting for Wholesalers

HMS Sales Analysis leads to better decision making.Design your sales report, save it, view it in Excel©, email it to your team. Communications are improved and profits are tracked. The Handheld Management System (HMS) is the connection between your accounting system and the mobile computers on the sales routes. We have special expertise with bakery, beer, beverage, dairy, coffee and snack wholesalers. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is the recommended database. 

Mobile Computing for Wholesale Distributor's Route Sales

MobilePDQ Flow Chart Data Concepts services wholesale distributors mobility requirements. Extend management control to the point of sale. Invoices printed on portable printers from O'Neil or Zebra are priced exactly to plan with your layout. Accuracy is insured by host integration with a wide range of small and medium business size accounting software including Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage (Peachtree, MAS 200) software and more. Inventory audit, signature capture, DEX, EDI is available from one vendor- Data Concepts. Affordable solutions include new and used hardware, Microsoft Financing and leasing sources. Sales automation ROI pays for itself in no time!

Zebra Partner

Data Concepts is a member of the Zebra PartnerEmpower Program.Data Concepts, Inc. is a member of Zebra's PartnerEmpower Program and has been granted the following Mobile Solutions Specialization status in the North America region:

Advanced Data Capture and Mobile Computing 

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Inventory Management

The Inventory Management System (IMS) companion product to MobilePDQ and HMS isData Concepts Inventory Management System fills the gap between route truck inventory and warehouse inventory. now installed at several wholesale distributors.

This software program assists loading product efficiently, tracking open orders, receiving product and managing truck inventory. Operations that do not take daily inventory will benefit from the detailed audit trail identifying every movement of product from the warehouse to the trucks and back.

Data Concepts


•Long term relationships

•Software features

•Reliable use of technology

-No down time

-Data recovery

-Backup communications

•Industrial "smartphone"

•New Subscription Model

•Microsoft infrastructure

System Integration

Data Concepts is a member of the Microsoft Network. The software products are continuously updated and certified using the latest tools available including Visual Studio 2016, C# and PowerBuilder 12.6.

Sales training and system integration are essential to a successful installation.

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